It was nearly 10 years ago when Tom Burton & Ben Hostler laughed about starting a company called Beef. They were still laughing a few days later as they left the bank with a business account.

And so it began.

A year or so of working as little more than freelancers for agencies quickly grew into us having our very own clients.

The first was the mighty BDH, and we’re proud to say they were still our client at the end. Thanks chaps.

The second was Penguin Books.

It was around this time that Steve England and Kevin Broadley joined Tom & Ben in the ‘office’ - which in reality was a broom cupboard above a workshop where they made engines for submarines.

But nevertheless, Beef Ltd was born.

We never really had a plan, we just figured that if we focussed on doing the best work we could then things would move in the right direction.

It was a bumpy ride, like it is for anyone starting from scratch, but the work grew and so did Beef. Steve left us along the way to pursue a new adventure, but ‘Onwards!’ we cried and kept moving.

Fast forward to now and here we are with 8 amazing staff, a roster of clients to be proud of and, we think, some pretty good work behind us.

But it’s hard running a business and as everyone knows, it’s been a particularly tough playing field for the past few years.

Mix that with the inevitable changes in lives outside of work that 8 years brings and we found ourselves at a point where we had to ask some serious questions.

Sadly, the answer we found was that whilst we love what we’ve built here, it’s time to end the story.

We want to thank the clients, friends and colleagues we’ve worked with over the years but most of all we want to thank the team, past and present - without you Beef would’ve been nothing.


Tom Burton, Kevin Broadley, Ben Hostler

P.S. Would the last one out please turn out the lights.

Light Switch